40 Cute Korean Haircuts for Long Hair

Korean women are known for having the best skincare regime, but you’ll be totally amazed to know that they have set a regime for hair care as well. This is why Korean women are blessed with the soft, shiny, long hair that sets their hairstyle apart from all others. If you are a woman with […]

40 Sexy Korean Hairstyle For Men

For Korean men, hairstyles are distinct facets of fashion. They are known for having a usually unique style when it comes to fashion and hairstyle. Of course, Korean music has propelled many youngsters these days, from all over the world. But more than music, their remarkable pick in clothes and hairstyles are hitting the records […]

40 Lovely Curly Hairstyles for Asian Women

Asian women are blessed with the most beautiful, strong and straight hair, thanks to their genetic traits. Asians has EDAR and FGFR2 that controls the thickness and course of the hair, the thicker the hair, the straighter it gets. Hence, having naturally curly hair is quite rare for Asians. Which definitely mean that the common […]